Fall 2020 – Streets

These were usually taken in early morning but due to covid restrictions, not many people were around even at later times, like when there was a small street market


Street market




Some of the streets do include miniature lighthouses

Street with lighthouse


And some end up at the beach


Of course, there are more then one beach

another beach

More Fall 2020

A special mention to a Vegetarian restaurant with amazing views (roof terrace), The Cafe Galeria House of Wonders

Roof view

With it’s own aesthetic – you can look at samples of the dishes in case you aren’t familiar with them

Inside the restaurant

Also, they do have a nice sangria


You can check them at Happy Cow or TripAdvisor

Fall 2020

In 2020, I had the privilege of spending 2 months in Cascais, at a time when almost no tourists were there.
After years away, these were some of my first impressions—before the holiday surge.

Here are some of views from the first day, 

IMG 6740

The old pubs are still here,

Pubs street

Including old John Bull,

John Bull Pub

And the sea……